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Very few recruitment consultants have a FAQ section for their clients, why? Thrive Talent know that there's a certain stigma to the word 'recruitment'. We want to show you why we are different.

  • Why should we use Thrive Talent?

    The honest answer, you don't have to. No one likes to be sold to, especially us. We won't bore you with a hard sell promising you the world, not then to deliver. With our honest and transparent approach, we will let you know if we are unable to help. 
  • Will you flood our desks with irrelevant CV's?

    No. We appreciate that you're far too busy to be sitting through hundreds of CV's for one role. Our consultants will limit themselves initially to a maximum of 6 CV's per role. If we can't find the right candidate out of those 6 CV's, we're either not doing our job well enough or, we need to sit down and discuss the issues we're having linking the right candidates to that specific role.

  • What are your rates?

    Great question! We know that each business is different to the next one, therefore our rates are just as flexible as you as an organisation


  • What will you do different to other recruitment companies?

    • Recruitment is recruitment, however you want to dress it up. You as a client have a need, we as recruitment consultants are here to provide the best services possible in order to satisfy that need in the most professional way
    • Quickly, effectively and more importantly than anything, it needs to be done in an honest and transparent way that we can build real longevity with our clients for future success.


One More Question?

If you have a question please don't hesitate to contact us, and we aim to reply to all questions that same day.

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