Passionate About Your Success

Passionate About Your Success

  At Thrive Talent we are passionate about building long and lasting successful business relationships

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Interview Tips

  • How to Prepare for Interview Feb 04, 2015

    Though interviews can seem daunting, just remember you have got this far in the application process because the company regard you as a genuine prospect. The following information, gathered from a range of interviewers and candidates, should help you prepare for both formal and informal ...

  • Need Help with your Resumé? Feb 04, 2015

    CV stands for the Latin words 'curriculum vitae' (literally: the course of [my] life) and, in a modern business sense, means a document providing a brief overview of your education, experience and career qualifications. From an employer's perspective, the CV is usually the first formal written contact ...

  • Interview Tips Feb 04, 2015

    Thorough preparation for your interview will not only ensure you have all the correct information at your fingertips, it will also give you a greater measure of control over what can sometimes seem a stressful situation. Knowing you are well-prepared will both help your confidence and ...

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  • Researching a Company Feb 04, 2015

    Accepting the right job at the right time is a good career move, but agreeing to join a company you know little about is a gamble. Whilst it often pays off, it can also result in a reversal of fortune, so it's wise to minimise the risk by doing some groundwork well before you decide to commit.

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